GitLab Announces the General Availability of GitLab Duo Chat

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GitLab Duo Chat brings the GitLab Duo suite of AI capabilities together into a single, easy-to-use, natural language chat interface to connect DevSecOps workflows across the entire software development lifecycle. Chat is available within the GitLab Duo Pro add-on, which combines AI capabilities to help enhance developer efficiency and collaboration in a single DevSecOps platform.

GitLab Duo Chat features include:

  • Code explanation to help users understand unfamiliar code.
  • Code refactoring to help users modernize legacy code.
  • Test generation to help users automate the writing of tests for functions and methods to catch bugs sooner.

GitLab Duo Chat is available within the GitLab user interface, including GitLab’s Web IDE, as well as within popular IDEs, including VS Code and the JetBrains suite of IDEs. Chat can also be extended by adding custom tools to help users more accurately complete tasks unique to their organization.

In addition, a new AI privacy controls feature is available for GitLab Premium and Ultimate customers.

According to the GitLab State of AI in Software Development report, 79% of respondents said they are concerned about AI tools having access to private information or intellectual property.

The newly introduced privacy controls enable organizations to control sensitive data at the project, group, and subgroup levels to help reduce the security and compliance risks of AI adoption.

Read the blog to learn more about GitLab Duo Chat and the new AI access controls.

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