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Vendor Resources
KYC ("Know Your Customer") requirements for vendor payouts
To enable your account to receive payments and process payouts out of the Marketplace system to your bank account, we need to verify your account.
How can I submit a content article?
Inform your channel about news & blog content easily.
How can I become a selling Vendor?
Sign up as a vendor to get your application reviewed asap.
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Reseller Resources
How can I request a quote?
- Login to your Reseller account - Select "Request A Quote" from the Main Menu or your profile's Project page - Select the Vendor/ Solution and follow the form flow - Fill out the necessary information and submit your request - Your account manager at the requested vendor will send you a tailor-made quote
How can I sign up as a Reseller/ Buyer?
There's only few steps needed to sign up as a Buyer on the Amazic Partner Marketplace. Please check out the brief video tutorial attached.
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